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Japanese food and drink…part 2


One of my favourite things about eating at restaurants in Japan isn’t just the food, but the work that goes in to enticing you in there in the first place. Outside most restaurants in Japan are what can only be described as ‘food art’, which is perfect in a global culture that is obsessed with #foodporn.


Known as ‘sampuru’ (quite simply the English for sample) these plastic models give potential diners an idea of the kind of dishes the restaurant serves. The samples are usually accompanied by a brief description of the dish then the price…


Angels Heart and Marion crepes are two companies that use plastic samples outside their small but highly decorated booths. They are also located directly oppostite each other down Harajuku’s Takeshita-dori.


Mascots are used by Japanese companies not just to attract the attention of the younger population and to induce a buying frenzy in merchandise, but they are used…

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Uncurrent Events 5.3.15


Today In The Past


1294 – John II becomes duke of Brabant/Limburg

1342 – Count Hartmann II becomes ruler of Vaduz (Liechtenstein)

1382 – Battle on Beverhoutsfield near Brugge

1455 – Jews flee Spain

1494 – Jamaica discovered by Columbus; he names it “St Iago”

1512 – Pope Julius II opens 5th Council of Lateran at St. John Lateran Basilica in Rome

1654 – Bridge at Rowley Mass begins charging tolls for animals

1661 – Johannes Hevelius observes 3rd transit of Mercury ever to be seen

1662 – Royal charter granted Connecticut

1715 – Edmund Halley observes total eclipse phenomenon “Baily’s Beads”

1765 – 1st US medical college opens in Philadelphia

1802 – Washington, D.C. is incorporated as a city

1810 – Lord Byron swims Hellespont

1815 – Battle at Tolentino: Austria beats king Joachim of Naples

1845 – 1st black lawyer (Macon B Allen) admitted to bar (Mass)

1845 – Fire kills 1,600 in popular theater in Canton China

1846 – Mexican army surrounds fort…

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Seek Higher Ground

As I sit in my hotel room in Warsaw, with a beautiful view of the cityscape at night, Chopin playing, and a whisky in my hand (it was the bartender’s idea) my mind bends towards my visit to the largest and deadliest Nazi concentration camp.

The serene beauty of the area obfuscating it’s torturous past.
The train tracks covered in children trying to balance on them.
The barracks, most of which are nothing more than remnants, warm and aerated belying their former lives.
The presence of laughter and chit chat amongst so many visitors not precluding mourning nor, if I accidentally overheard right, admitting of association to loved ones.
The absurdity of the SS detonating dynamite at the crematoria to try and hide their deeds,
The irony of throngs of people clamoring to get inside with the staff ineptly managing the lines.
I am now considering a tattoo. I am…

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Memory of the Camps. German Concentration Camps Factual Survey

Welcome to Shoebox Castle!

#CN graphische Beschreibungen

Im Österreichischen Filmmuseum läuft gerade eine sehr kleine Retrospektive von Filmen, die bei bzw. über die Befreiung der Konzentrationslager aufgenommen wurden, unter dem Titel “Bilder der Befreiung – Liberation Footage – Atrocity Pictures“, begleitend zu einer Konferenz. Heute war der erste Film zu sehen, “Memory of the Camps. German Concentration Camps Factual Survey“. Der Film ist insofern speziell, als er noch im April 1945 konzipiert und danach teilweise ausgeführt wurde – es gibt die Aufnahmen, ein Skript, das sie zusammenstellt, eine schriftliche Narration – aber er wurde nie geschnitten, nie fertiggestellt. Die Aufnahmen landeten im Imperial War Museum in London (mehr zum Film auf der dortigen Website).

2008 wurden die Aufnahmen erstmals in Wien gezeigt, seit einiger Zeit arbeitete das Museum an der Fertigstellung – und zur Berlinale 2014 wurde der fertiggestellte Film erstmals gezeigt. Es zeigte sich aber, dass der…

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Watch “Winston Churchill – Their Finest Hour Speech – Complete” on YouTube

Winston Churchill – Their Finest Hour Speech – Complete:

Lake Zürich

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