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Watch “Winston Churchill – Their Finest Hour Speech – Complete” on YouTube

Winston Churchill – Their Finest Hour Speech – Complete:

Lake Zürich

Originally posted on Little Lost in Linz:

Lake Zürich

First stop of the February Semester break: Zurich. Beautiful little city in Switzerland, worth all the Francs in the world for a quick visit!

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2-3 Weeks Till Judge Rules On Detroit Bond Debt

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Originally posted on CBS Detroit:

DETROIT (WWJ/AP) - A judge said he will decide in two to three weeks whether bond insurers’ claims that the millions of dollars they are owed by Detroit should be considered secured debt during the city’s bankruptcy.

National Public Finance Guarantee Corp., Ambac Assurance Corp. and Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp. made their arguments Wednesday before bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes.

The companies want Detroit to use special property taxes to resume making payments on the bonds. However, attorneys for Detroit said Wednesday that debt is unsecured and not funded by a revenue stream.

Rhodes told the bond insurers and the city that they should work toward a negotiated resolution, according to The Detroit News.

“The decision here is most likely all or nothing,” Rhodes said. “One side is going to win and the other side is going to lose.”

How the city’s debt is restructured will be part of state-appointed emergency…

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Entrepreneurs: Delegate now, before it’s too late

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Originally posted on PandoDaily:

delegate A business’s growth is hinged on an entrepreneur’s ability to delegate effectively. You may have the brightest ideas, the best offering in the market — but without getting the work done, these will mean nothing. It’s no secret how the day-to-day management and running of a business soon becomes the only thing you do, and the business growth takes a backseat. The result — stagnation, de-motivation and in the worst scenario, an end to your dreams.

An entrepreneur chooses the ‘life’ to do new things, be a visionary and build things he or she can be proud of — all of which requires time and a very different focus than just trying to sustain and micromanage the business on a daily basis. The only way to stay focused on the growth activities is by delegating everything else. Richard Branson is a vociferous advocate of delegation and has demonstrated its power…

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Originally posted on Lyrics and Chocolate:


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Printable Food To End Hunger? No.

Originally posted on Uncrunched:

jetsons13NASA and printable food. I can’t stop thinking about the Jetsons enjoying their utopian food pills. Which never happened, of course, because it’s a dumb idea.

Printable food doesn’t sound all that much more appealing than those Jetsons food pills. But the stories deal with that issue – “If eating something spat out by the same kind of 3D printers…doesn’t sound too appetizing, that’s only because you can currently afford the good stuff.”

Meaning as real food becomes more scarce, people will happily eat printed food over no food.

Ok, I agree that people would eat printed food rather than go hungry. But I don’t understand how printed food will solve hunger.

The printer ingredients will be food with moisture removed – presumably dehydrated or freeze dried stuff. That exists today and has 30+ year storage life. Campers and hikers use it all the time because without the water…

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